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The Best Damn Kratom shop has been experiencing a lot of pressure from big banks, the state and other institutions. This time our “offline credit card processor” was discontinued which made it impossible for us to use just any bank merchant because as seen by FDA wanted banishing this powerful plant-based medication.

The good news is, we found a programmer from abroad who created a plugin so we can still process your orders. We want to remind you that we do have Cash App and Apple Pay that you could use.

You can continue to expect nothing less from us than what we always promise, the best quality products along with our great customer service.

We will continue to find solutions and we will continue to fight against Big Pharma (and its guard dog, the State) who seem more interested in controlling people rather than helping them live better lives.

We can process your order via telephone too, call us at 817.667.8041

Remember, we take crypto since before it was cool.

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